Our Services

BDCM Financial Corp.
A Private Investment Group

  • Debt Settlement
  • Consumer Proposal
  • Consumer Proposal Payout
  • Consumer Consulting
  • Help in stopping Real Estate Foreclosure
  • Real Estate – sale/purchase

Need a loan?

Our interest rates and fees are one of the best in the financial industry which lends to people with bruised credit. Click below to find out more.

Why let bad credit ruin your life?

Consolidate your debt with a BDCM home equity loan at interest rates that are so much cheaper than any other kind of loan! At the same time when you pay off your bad debts, you start the process of fixing or repairing your credit rating! Get your financial life back on track! Let us help you create Better Debt & Credit Management for the future.  Call BDCM Financial Corporation today at 416-290-5041

Better Debt & Credit Management

The primary mission of BDCM Financial is to assist our clients, individuals and families, to achieve financial freedom by offering total financial planning services in a caring and empathetic environment. Developing lifelong financial relationships through personal and professional services, while teaching our clients how to create better debt management. Find out more